Eastman Cartwright Lancaster

Our Story

L.D. Eastman established the Lancaster Lumber Company in 1901. In 1919, after World War 1, his son-in-law Walter C. Cartwright joined the business. Articles of Organization of the Eastman Cartwright Lumber Company in Lancaster, Wisconsin, were filed and accepted with the State of Wisconsin in February of 1919. Persons forming this corporation in 1919 were L.D. Eastman, Walter C. Cartwright (son-in-law of L.D.) and Olive M. Eastman (Wife of L.D.). 

Leroy Eastman joined his father's company in 1943 after returning from World War 2. In march of 1945, Eastman Cartwright expanded their operation and purchased the former Platteville Lumber and Fuel business owned by the Buris Family just a few blocks from where the current Eastman Cartwright is now on Main Street in Platteville.

E. William (Bill) Schacht (grandson of L.D.) joined his uncle, Roy, in the business in 1950. Roy passed away in 1969 and Bill became President and CEO of Eastman Cartwright. His son, Ted Schacht (great-grandson of L.D.) came to the Platteville location in 1977. Ted later moved to the home office in Lancaster to work with his dad and became president and CEO after Bill died in 1997. Nancy (Skippy) Schacht Leibfried (great-granddaughter of L.D.), joined her dad and brother at Eastman Cartwright in January of 1995 and worked in the office as a manager.

Ted's son, Will (great-great-grandson of L.D.), joined the company in 2007, becoming the 5th generation to be apart of the organization. Who is the current owner.

Want to see more pictures?

We have a bunch of pictures of our past workers and founding fathers, here in our store. If you are interested in seeing  old photographs, stop in today!